$10 per class

Tuesdays Only

A high energy cardiovascular workout using the kicks and punches from the martial arts to tighten, tone, and firm your body, Kardio Kickboxing at Villari's of Shrewsbury will increase your strength and flexibility while reducing stress. 

Classes are taught in our clean and spacious studio by certified instructors who will encourage you to work at your own pace, building up stamina but never pushing you beyond your ability.

Our Kardio Kickbox classes are for EVERYONE, whether you're looking to practice self-defensive techniques, to change up your fitness routine, or just to workout in a comfortable environment with friendly, fun instructors.

Classes are 1 hour long, combining floor exercises, stretching, martial arts kicks and punches set to music, and heavy bag punching.

Drop-in Only classes 
make it easy to start! 

Just come in 
and start kicking!

Seasonal Offering Spring - Fall

Tai Chi​​
Tai chi is a noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. 

You can practice tai chi regardless of age or physical ability. Tai chi emphasizes technique over strength. In fact, because Tai Chi is low impact, it may be especially suitable for older adults who may not otherwise exercise. 

Tai chi requires no special equipment, can be done indoors or out, alone or in a group. 

$10 per class​​


Kickboxing or Tai Chi?
Villari's of Shrewsbury is located on the lower level of the Drew Mortgage Building at 196 Boston Turnpike (rte 9) Shrewsbury across from CVS and Whole Foods.

Use the back entrance and go down the stairs and to the end of the hall to find us. Accessible entry is available through Kumon at the back of the building.