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Check out our martial arts class offerings including kids and adults Karate Programs and Kickbox & Tai Chi fitness programs for adults and seniors, learn about our business and teaching Values, Meet the Team that runs VShrews, read our student Testimonials, and watch our fun Videos by clicking the links to the right. Please find our Class Schedule below along with a link to our Free Trial Registration page to Get Started with classes.

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VShrews Values

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We know that goals are easier to achieve with the help and support of our family and friends. Guests are always welcome to watch classes from our lobby and on Family Days, we even invite them in to participate! We also take time to show respect to our family members during every class and let them know how much we appreciate them. 




We have students who win trophies and we are so proud of them! But we're also proud of the students who struggle with self-control or balance or self-confidence when they find themselves able to stand still, on one foot, in front of the whole class! Martial arts benefits students of all abilities, neurotypes, and skill levels and we like to celebrate all of our students' accomplishments!



VShrews Values



Humor & Humility​​

Our mission is to help people live better lives through martial arts so while we take our training seriously, we don't always take ourselves so seriously. Nobody's perfect and we believe that mistakes are just new opportunities for learning. And we don't just mean for students! The staff at Villari's of Shewsbury is always willing to hear suggestions and ideas for how to improve your experience. There is always something new to learn when you empty your cup and open your mind to the possibilities!

Humor & Humility



Our schedule and programs are designed to fit into your busy life. Choose one, two, or three classes per week. Switch class days from week to week depending on your schedule. Choose private lessons before or after classes. Let's figure out what works best for you!
Meet The Team
  1. 6th Degree Master Instructor
    6th Degree Master Instructor
    Cristian Fraioli (Master Fry)
    Director and Master Instructor Cristian Fraioli is VShrews's longest attending student who started training in the Tots class the year after our founding. Master Fraioli earned his 6th degree Black Belt from Great Grandmaster Villari at his 50th Anniversary Gala in December 2018.
  2. 4th Degree Chief Instructor
    4th Degree Chief Instructor
    Wendy Woodworth Fraioli (Woofry)
    Studio Manager and Chief Instructor Wendy Woodworth Fraioli has more than 20 years of experience in education and youth services, holds certifications in teaching ages 3 through adult and earned her 4th degree Black Belt in December 2018. She began her training as an adult at Villari's of Shrewsbury in 2004.
    Villari's Martial Arts Center of Shrewsbury has been owned and operated by Team Fraioli since April 2010. ​​


There is no better testimonial than our students' own words.

In the first video, three of our students were chosen by a regional committee to share excerpts from the essays they wrote as part of their Black Belt test in June 2018 at the post-test dinner.

In the second, hear two students from the June 2019 test read their excerpts. 

Below, students were asked to reflect on what they have learned and what means the most to them about their martial arts training. 
  1. You have to use effort!
    You have to use effort!
    Today I learned that you have to use efort and not give up
  2. Try your best!
    Try your best!
    Today I learned to try your best
  3. You're only cheating yourself!
    You're only cheating yourself!
    Today I learned that when you cheat, you're only cheating yourself. Always put in 100% effort
  4. Be calm even in the hardest times!
    Be calm even in the hardest times!
    My rank test taught me how to be calm even in the hardest times like being pressured
  5. Be peaceful during hard times!
    Be peaceful during hard times!
    My rank test taught me to be peaceful during hard times
  6. Stay calm under pressure!
    Stay calm under pressure!
    My rank test taught me to stay calm while under pressure and to always stay focused
  7. Be calm no matter what!
    Be calm no matter what!
    My rank test taught be to be [calm] no matter what even if someone wants to hit you
  8. Help each other!
    Help each other!
    Humility means: to help each other and not think about yourself
  9. Think about the team!
    Think about the team!
    Humility means to think about the team
  10. Adapt!
    When there's something that needs to be done, you must adapt to make it easier.
  11. Opportunity!
    Life won't come knocking at your door, you have to knock at its door.
  12. Effort and Power!
    Effort and Power!
    That having a lot of power doesn't mean anything. It's about the EFFORT you put in.
  13. Learn to Adapt!
    Learn to Adapt!
    I learn to adapt to my surroundings.
  14. Practice!
    I learned to focus and practice my material.
  1. VShrews Walkers
    VShrewers fer sure walk, run, jump, skip, and roll to the beat of their own drum! .
  2. Welcome to VShrews!
    Welcome to Villari's Martial Arts Center of Shrewsbury offering Adult and Child Karate classes! Just one of the many independent martial arts schools that teaches the Villari system, Villari's of Shrewsbury prides itself on its fun, healthy, family-oriented environment committed to providing opportunities for all of its students to build confidence, character, and vitality.
  3. VShrews is Happy!
    What can we say? VShrews is a happy place to be! Our karate kids like to dance and sing and laugh and have fun. Oh, and we also learn karate.
  4. June 2018 Black Belt Test
    Our students are the champions of heart and soul and we love celebrating every test with them... but Black Belt tests are something special. Congratulations to every VShrewer who has ever passed through our dojo, whether they walked out with black belts or not!