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Villari's Martial Arts Center 
of Shrewsbury
196 Boston Turnpike   Shrewsbury, MA 01545
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From students and guests of Villari's of Shrewsbury
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Villari's Martial Arts Center of Shrewsbury ® 196 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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Karate is a very motivating lifestyle, sport, and art. Karate helps improve on my self-confidence. Every time we perform in front of our class, I'm nervous, but I know I can perform and not be afraid of anyone. Karate helps me be myself, without any person judging. It helps me know that you can enjoy yourself and have fun.
Karate teaches me to always be a good role model to other students and to always try to show good Respect, Self-Control, and self-discipline. Karate also teaches me to be responsible.
Karate has taught me many things... Respect: treat others like you want to be treated. Self control: Be always in control of you and your actions. AND Self Discipline: to do things without being told. There are very important lessons and should be followed in AND out of the dojo.
Karate teaches me how to respect others!
Karate teaches me how to be respectful, to control myself, and to do stuff independently, and of course, karate.
Karate teaches me to defend myswelf and control myself. It also teaches me to respect others more than I usually do.
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My rank test taught me: to be calm no matter what even if someone wants to hit you.
My rank test taught me: To stay calm when under pressure and to always stay focused.
Karate teaches me to stand up for myself and to always work hard to achieve my goals and to NEVER GIVE UP!
Karate teaches me to always be brave and confident about myself in whatever I do. Most important, it teaches me to never give up no matter what the challenge is!
My rank test taught me: How to be calm even in the hardest times like being pressured.
My rank test taught be: Don't stop, even if you're tired.
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