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Villari's Martial Arts Center of Shrewsbury ® 196 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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Villari's Martial Arts Center of Shrewsbury, MA

VShrews is closed on April Fool's for Snow? Yeah, we are.

by VShrews on 04/01/17

Well, this is just ridiculous. But yes, it snowed and iced on April 1st and we're closing because of it. Well, because of the ice. The snow's not that bad but the ice? That stuff is treacherous.

No joke, VShrewers, we will be closed today, Saturday April 1 2017 due to inclement weather. 

No worries, though. Forecast calls for Spring-like weather again tomorrow, so maybe some of this mess will melt!

Stay safe, stay warm! We'll see you soon!

Yup, Another Snow Closing

by VShrews on 03/13/17

We're calling it ahead of time:

VShrews will be closed on Tuesday March 14, 2017 due to snow weather badness! 

Cross your fingers that this is the last of it for this season, VShrewers! And keep an eye out for Wednesday's plans because we just don't know yet.

Stay warm, be safe! We'll see you again soon!

More Closings, Did You Say?

by VShrews on 02/13/17

That's right. Thanks to yesterday's storm, we're still digging ourselves out and we're willing to bet you are too. 

So Villari's of Shrewsbury be closed today, Monday February 13, 2017 for just that reason.

Remember a month ago when it was winter but we could still go places and do things? We miss that. 

Oh That Winter Weather (VShrews closed 2/9/17)

by VShrews on 02/08/17

Shrewsbury Public Schools have already called it: CLOSED on Thursday Feb 9 and our policy is to follow suit. 

VShrews is also closed tomorrow. Let's cross our fingers that Saturday's weather is looking better! 

Winter Weather Closing

by VShrews on 02/07/17

It's a terrible day in the neighborhood, VShrewers, and we can't imagine you want to go outside any more than we do. So between the snow on the ground, the freezing rain in the sky and all that ice forming on solid surfaces below, let's just... not. 

VShrews is closed today, Tuesday February 7, 2017.

Stay safe, stay warm! We'll see you soon.

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Tots karate, for ages 4-6, focus on large motor skills, listening, following directions, and learning to control our bodies.
Karate for Children, ages 7-10, focus on Self-Control and taking responsibility for our actions.
Our Preteen and Teen classes, for ages 11-17, promote fitness, responsibility, self-control, and self-discipline.
The Adult Karate Program combines practical self-defense with traditional martial arts training.
A one-hour aerobic kickboxing workout using the kicks and punches of the martial arts set to music.
A one-hour aerobic kickboxing workout using the kicks and punches of the martial arts set to music.
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