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Villari's Martial Arts Center of Shrewsbury, MA

Happy Summer and Sad Goodbyes

by VShrews on 06/11/18

Happy first day of T-shirts and Freezepops, VShrewers!

That's right, Summer Has Begun (in the dojo, anyway) which means you can wear your Villari's logo t-shirt to class along with your uniform pants and belt until the end of August. 

What do you do if you don't HAVE a V logo t-shirt? Just wear your regular uniform top! 

And since our t-shirts haven't come in yet (as of Monday morning, so we'll see what the day brings), some of you will have to keep wearing those uniform tops until we get them. It's SO not a problem, friends. Some of us choose to wear uniform tops anyway. Like Woofry. Because she gets chilly.

We ordered a few extra t-shirts so if you missed the order cut off, there's still a chance! There are also a few older ones available too.

And as for the Freezepops: they are frozen and ready to go in the VShrews freezer just waiting for classes full of well-behaved students to enjoy! 

In THAT JUST HAPPENED news, 13 VShrewers earned their black belts a couple weekends ago and we couldn't be more proud! Five students were promoted to First Degree Black Belt, four students were promoted to Second Degree Black Belt, and four students were promoted to Third Degree Black Belt at the Regional Black Belt Test in Natick. It's our biggest group yet! And very well complimented by some of the other masters on the test! 

Check out pictures posted on our Facebook page and Instagram.

But as excited as we are for this summer to begin and proud as we are of our newest black belts, we're also super sad to say goodbye to some really amazing and wonderful people we've gotten to know and love over the years. 

A few of our students are moving away and looking to join other Villari's studios and we wish them all the best in their new dojos! Remember to work hard, stay humble, and never be afraid of making mistakes on the way to becoming a better martial artist.

And too many VShrewers are graduating from high school and on their way to college! To you graduated grownups, we say Thank You for the joy and privilege of watching you grow up and the opportunity to be such a big part of your childhood. We hope you remember us as fondly as we will remember you. Oh and we have pictures of you as adorable little creatures to embarrass you with when you come back to visit.

Ohhh time keeps moving forward and we all get pulled along with it. We're only half as sad about saying goodbye as we are delighted to have called you one of us. Goodbye and good luck, friends. You're never not a VShrewer to us! 

(Someone hand me a Freezepop before I start crying!)

And with all of that... let SUMMER AT VSHREWS begin!

Spring 2018 Update

by VShrews on 04/11/18

Another snow closing... JUST KIDDING (maybe. it did just snow a couple days ago...) It's just been so long since we did a blog post that wasn't about snow!

Let's talk about something else, shall we? Like the possibility of summer arriving? Sometime? Maybe?

Either way, t-shirt order forms are available for this year's design and due by April 21. The start date for Summer at VShrews is Monday June 11. THAT is the day you can start wearing your V-tees (and gi pants and belts) to class. I also hear something about Freezepops? Check the flyer in the lobby for more info.

We've got a Holiday closing coming up on Monday, April 16 for Patriot's Day with a reminder that we are indeed open for the rest of the week so send those April vacationers our way!

We're working on a ninja star competition (like, the suction cup ones, not the real deal. obviously) for May which is ALSO Dojo Pride Month! Yes, it's the anniversary of the Fraioli takeover which means a Merchandise Sale! Yay! Get that sparring gear you've been putting off at 20% off!

Later in May, we've got Memorial Day Weekend which is another closing for us (Saturday May 26 and Monday May 28) followed soon after by.... the Regional Black Belt Test. Get ready, BBCs! The time has almost come!

Summer Break is just a few weeks later from Saturday June 30 to Wednesday July 4. 

And you know where we'll be that weekend, of course: The Cars of Summer Car Show at Greenhill Park Worcester. Read all about it at

Then it's smoooooooth sailing (and regularly scheduled classes) all the way to Labor Day. But we'll talk about that later. We're too psyched for summer (and some sun? please?) to be thinking about it ending just yet.

Remember to make up your missed classes, VShrewers! Keep practicing! Work hard, stay humble, and be the best you you can possibly be! We'll be here reminding you to bend your knees and keep your hands up while you do it.

Snow Closing 3/13/18

by VShrews on 03/13/18

All our updates are snow closings. sigh. I hope to have something better to report in the near future but for now...

VShrews is closed Tuesday March 13, 2018 due to inclement weather.

Stay safe, stay warm! We'll see you on the other side.

Snow Closing 3/7/18

by VShrews on 03/07/18

Here we go, here we go again. Another snow day! I know it doesn't seem like much this morning but policy dictates that we follow Shrewsbury Public Schools and they're closing early so between that and the forecast for tonight...

VShrews is closed today, Wednesday March 7, 2018 due to inclement weather.

Make up classes are available, of course. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's weather-related news!

Snow Closing 2/7/18

by VShrews on 02/07/18

S'nooooooo! It's another one of those infamous New England snow storms, just enough predicted downfall to make closing the VShrews the prudent action.

So we did. We're closed today, Wednesday Feb 7, 2018 due to inclement weather. 

Stay safe, stay warm! We'll see you soon!

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A one-hour aerobic kickboxing workout using the kicks and punches of the martial arts set to music.
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